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How do we accelerate the planting of riparian forest buffers?

How to sell riparian forest buffers to livestock producers

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All the states in the Chespaeake Bay watershed are falling behind their targets for excluding livestock from streams and planting riparian forest buffers.

I’ve spent a lifetime “getting more on the ground” and I want to share how we made it happen in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  It’s in this book, and it’s free. —Bobby Whitescarver

Middle River at six miles from its source. This is our part of the river which we fenced off from cattle ten years ago.

Riparian forest buffers along Middle River on our farm in Swoope, Virginia

We have to sell conservation from the farmer’s perspective not ours.

I’ve never had a farmer tell me he installed riparian forest buffers because they wanted to sequester more carbon, or create pollinator corridors.  The most important part of the buffer system from the livestock farmer’s perspective is the watering system.  Improving herd health and removing livestock from “calving risk” areas are high on their list as well.

Streams flowing through forested buffers are 2 to 8 times more capable of processing in-stream pollutants.

Find out why a stream flowing through a forested buffer is 2 to 8 times more capable of processing in stream pollutants…download the book…it’s free.

This book was made possible by a grant from the Campbell Foundation and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Will Baker, President of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Will Baker
CBF President

“In this e-book, Bobby shares his invaluable knowledge and findings drawn from years of field experience. His tips for how to improve water quality and protect livestock are a true win/win. Please read it. And please share it.”

Will Baker, President
Chesapeake Bay Foundation




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  1. Great job. If I had cows I would do this. Proud of you and your work.

  2. Matt Buckley says:

    Riparian buffers are particularly interesting to me in that they’re so easy to create and add a ton of benefit to the environment. They are especially useful for reducing the amount of fecal coli-form in streams which is a huge problem in areas with large cattle production. I remember reading this e-book when I was doing my senior capstone project last semester and remember it being a huge help in explaining how a riparian buffer works.

    • Bobby Whitescarver says:

      Matt, thanks for your kind words and for your work with Dr. Goodall. They have signed up for CREP on the farm you worked on.

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