Bobby Whitescarver, farmer, conservationist, educator, and award-winning writer, can help you improve the natural resources on your land.  He has decades of experience in watershed and wildlife habitat restoration.

Bobby retired from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service in 2011 with 31 years of field experience.  He continues his life’s work of restoring watersheds through his private consulting business, Whitescarver Natural Resources Management, LLC.

He has extensive experience with designing and implementing livestock grazing systems
that keep livestock out of the streams and provide them with alternative watering systems.

He has been involved with over 500 miles of stream bank protection work and helped
landowners plant over a half a million native hardwood trees.

Wildlife habitat is one of Bobby’s specialties as he has helped landowners establish and maintain over a thousand acres of native prairie and has successfully brought back the Northern Bobwhite to many farms.

He is an Agronomist, certified Nutrient Management Planner (VA), certified Prescribed Burn Manager (VA), and certified Resource Management Planner (VA).

Let Bobby help you improve your land through better stewardship.

Worried about all the government red tape with cost share programs?
Let Bobby guide you through it and get it done so the system works for you.

Bobby’s extensive experience, education, certifications, and awards are detailed in this
downloadable file: BobbyWhitescarver.pdf