Swoope Almanac: October 2013: Quail Release on the Farm

  “Just because the problem seems unsolvable doesn’t give us the right to give up”.   I can’t remember who wrote that but it sticks in my mind.  And just like the people trying to find that one blight resistant American Chestnut tree, Bobwhite Quail lovers keep hoping that maybe someday one mating pair from […]

Quail Survive at Cobble Hill Farm Because of Habitat

Cobble Hill Farm in Staunton Virginia released pen raised Northern Bobwhites in December of 2012.   I interviewed Jim Pile, the farm’s manager on October 1st 2013 for this article and I could hear Quail giving their “Hoy-ee” call.  Click on the hot link above to go a website with the call. “We didn’t have Quail […]

Help Save the Hillside Project at JMU: America’s Obsession With Manicured Lawns

  Scroll down to see the pictures of James Madison University’s “Hillside Project.”  The native prairie is now in full bloom.  You can see it from I-81.  Some think it looks terrible and want it put back in manicured lawn.  Help save this wonderful outdoor classroom by posting your comment at the bottom of this […]

Riparian Plant Feature – False Indigo Bush

False Indigo Bush, Amorpha fruticosa This native, leguminous shrub is one of the best riparian plants for creating wildlife habitat and improving water quality.  It is fast growing and deer don’t like to eat it, so if you want success in your shrub or wildlife plantings this is a winner.  We planted two year old […]

Prescribed Fire Suppression of Succession

A “backfire” is a slow burn This is a prescribed fire manager’s drean.  See the smoke moving off to the right?  The fire is actually burning to the left, into the wind and into the only fuel left to burn.  The flames are low because we prepared the site by mowing the fuel (native grasses/prairie) […]