Swoope Almanac May 2015 – Bobolinks, Bobwhites and Black Locust Blooms

May might be my favorite month. The energy of spring swells in every living thing. I remain in awe of all the energy. A Catbird sings all night outside our open window. Robins begin their singing at 5:15am. That’s the warm-up for the avian symphony that will last all day.  I heard a Black Poll […]

Swoope Almanac May 2014

May fills my senses as I walk our “river field”.  Life’s energy surges this time of year.   The avian migration is at its peak.  All the birds that want to be here have arrived except for the Dickcissels.  They will arrive when the peonies and day lilies open. The cool nights and warm days […]

Quackgrass: Far Better Than Tall Fescue or Orchardgrass

Several days ago we had “just one more” chore:  letting the cows into the hay lot behind Wesley’s house so they could eat the grass down.   There is no fence between the hay lot and hay field so we put up some fake electric fence and parked the truck on the outside of it […]