Improve Herd Health with Abundant Clean Water

Livestock Drinking Dirty Water is Not Good For Herd Health Humans don’t drink dirty water and neither should your livestock. Aristotle recognized the value of boiling water and burying feces to prevent disease back in 350BC. We’ve been learning ever since.  Just as with human health, herd health improves with abundant clean water. At Least […]

American Sycamore – Fortress of the Stream Bank

One of eastern North America’s greatest native trees is the American Sycamore, Platanus occidentals.  Perhaps the most endearing feature of this legendary tree is its bark, especially in winter when the white bark, mottled with green and brown is fully exposed. These trees often exceed a hundred feet in height and stand guard along streams like […]

In The Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Agriculture is Half Way in Doing Their Part to Restore the Bay.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation asked me to write several articles about farmers doing their part to improve the soil and water resources on their farms.  These articles are designed to showcase how and why, these farmers installed Best Management Practices such as “stream-side fencing” to exclude livestock from streams. The article on this post is […]

Our Pot of Gold…Is Our Water

If a one gallon jug filled with water represented all the water in the world the amount of available fresh water would equal just over a tablespoon – less than one half of one percent of the total.  The rest is salt water or unavailable such as the fresh water frozen in the polar regions […]