America’s Largest Conservation Program on Hold

America’s Most Successful and Largest Conservation Program on HOLD. The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) – America’s most successful and largest conservation program on private, “working” lands is on hold, except for CREP (but not in Virginia, I’ll explain later).  Earlier this month USDA instructed its county offices to process only those applications dated prior to […]

Poague Run – Sterling Example of Watershed Restoration

I watched the children carry their jars with native Brook Trout fingerlings to the edge of Poague Run.  They carefully stepped close to the water and tipped the jars over releasing the fish into the stream.  This simple act is a conservationist’s “Mount Everest”.   Together, we climbed the mountain.  Together we restored a stream. […]

Progressive Farmer Magazine Features Valley Farmer, Conservation and CBF

Deborah Huso, Free Lance Writer for the Progressive Farmer Magazine called me back in July.  “I’d like to do a story on stream fencing, the Farm Bill and conservation.  Do you have any farmers in mind that I could interview”, she said.  This was music to my ears. I didn’t have to think twice.  For […]

This is What a Well Functioning Riparian Buffer Looks Like

There are many definitions of riparian buffer.  In this post and the video linked here we offer the elements of a well functioning buffer and show what they look like.  Riparian buffers are one of the most effective Best Management Practices to abate non-point source water pollution.  The word “riparian” comes from Latin and means “adjacent to […]