Swoope Almanac – Summer 2014: Tomatoes, Bobwhites and Middle River Flowing Like Chocolate Milk

I love the smell of hay…and putting it away for the winter.  It’s a good feeling; knowing all the winter feed for the cows is ready. Jeanne is now in the throws of bush hogging the pastures with her new fifteen foot wide “bat-wing” mower. We mow the pastures to cut the seed heads off […]

Help Save the Hillside Project at JMU: America’s Obsession With Manicured Lawns

  Scroll down to see the pictures of James Madison University’s “Hillside Project.”  The native prairie is now in full bloom.  You can see it from I-81.  Some think it looks terrible and want it put back in manicured lawn.  Help save this wonderful outdoor classroom by posting your comment at the bottom of this […]

Why Don’t Farmers Just Do It?

Why don’t farmers just do it?  I mean fence their cattle out of the streams.  If farmers would do this one practice, at least in the Shenandoah River watershed, agriculture would probably be finished with its part of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL. Excluding livestock from streams is possibly the single most effective Best Management Practice […]