In The Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Agriculture is Half Way in Doing Their Part to Restore the Bay.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation asked me to write several articles about farmers doing their part to improve the soil and water resources on their farms.  These articles are designed to showcase how and why, these farmers installed Best Management Practices such as “stream-side fencing” to exclude livestock from streams. The article on this post is […]

How We Live With The River On Our Cattle Farm

This week’s flood prompted this post on how we deal with floodwater from our river with our cattle.  It was an out-of-bank flood event but it didn’t wash our cattle crossing out because we’ve learned to work with the river not against it. Middle River is a tributary of the South Fork of the Shenandoah […]

Why Don’t Farmers Just Do It?

Why don’t farmers just do it?  I mean fence their cattle out of the streams.  If farmers would do this one practice, at least in the Shenandoah River watershed, agriculture would probably be finished with its part of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL. Excluding livestock from streams is possibly the single most effective Best Management Practice […]