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Virginia Wildlife Magazine

Poague Run: Restoring Trout, Restoring Hope

Watershed restoration.  This article was published in the March/April 2016 issue of Virginia Wildlife magazine.

"Fish Need Leaves" article published in Virginia Wildlife Magazine

This award-winning article, “Fish Need Leaves” was published in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Virginia Wildlife Magazine.  It was recognized by the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association with their Excellence in Craft award for Feature Article.

Save the Bay Magazine “Reflections” article, winter 2014, page 14

"Every Person Every Tributary" article

Save the Bay magazine winter 2014

Bay Journal News Service: Oped Pieces

Trump, Torpedoes and the Clean Water Act at 45

The Clean Water Act is 45 years old this week, born in the U.S. Congress on October 18, 1972. Sometime before that day, the river of my childhood — the Roanoke River in southwestern Virginia — had been declared a fire hazard because of pollution.

Want a Cleaner River? Keep Cow Pies Out, Plant Trees

Native trees and shrubs remove pollution from streams.  Distributed by the Bay Journal News Service on 3/7/2017.  We found a 30.6% reduction in E. coli in Middle River after it flowed through our riparian buffer.  USA Today published the article on 3/17/17.

Waste Not: Selling Carbon-Rich Crop Residue Will Short Change Soil

Removing crop residues from the land leaves it vulnerable to the effects of weather.  This oped piece was distributed by the Bay Journal News Service on 1/25/2017.

Save the Farm, Save the Bay

This award-winning op-ed piece was distributed by the Bay Journal News Service on 4/19/2016

Brook Trout - Our Environmental Refugees

This op-ed piece, “Brook Trout – Our Environmental Refugees” was distributed on 11/10/2015

Let's Not Tax Well-Managed Farmland; it Already Pays its Way

Well-managed farmland builds soil health, produces clean water and provides many other ecosystem services.  This piece was distributed by the Bay Journal News Service on 6/30/2015.

The Queen Bean, Tofu and Dead Zones

Soil erosion from annual crop fields in the Mississippi watershed is the leading cause for the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico which is the second largest in the world and still growing.  This piece was distributed by the Bay Journal News Service on 4/21/2015

It's time to get down to Earth on fighting phosphorus pollution - Use A Soil Test

Newly elected Maryland governor Larry Hogan. One of his first acts was to repeal the Phosphorus Management Tool regulation. It made me gnash my teeth. Read my oped piece here.  Distributed by the Bay Journal News Service on 2/3/2015.

"Want Clean Rivers? Plant Trees."

This is Dr. Bern Sweeney of Stroud Water Research Center beside one of their “water flumes”.  Differing species of macroinvertebrates prefer different species of leaves.  This article is about the importance of leaves along streams.  This was published on 10/14/14.

Here's an OPED piece about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The pipeline should not be built because of our Karst topography.  This was distributed by the Bay Journal News Service on 9/23/2014.

"Why I Hate Tall Fescue"

This piece was published on 6/13/2014.

Toxic Algae Bloom in Lake Erie 2014

This was published on 8/8/2014. Photo by Peter Essick of National Geographic

News Leader

Pipeline can't help but bring mayhem to Virginia's environment

This was published in the online addition of the News Leader of Staunton, Virginia on 8/15/2017

What Really Happened At Our FERC Meeting

This is an OPED piece about what really happened at our FERC scoping meeting about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  It was published in the News Leader on 3/24/2015.

This is a collection of success stories about farmers implementing Best Management Practices I’ve written for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

George Coyner, farmer, South Fork of the Shenandoah River

“I could drink the water leaving our farm”.

Dr. Scott Nordstrom, DVM

Dr. Scott Nordstrom recommends fencing livestock out of streams for bio-security reasons.

Scott C Plein, owner of three farms in the Shenandoah Valley

Scott Plein: proving everyday that working farmers can be great producers and great conservationists.

Gerald Garber - Dairy Farmer in the North River Watershed

He did a lot of livestock exclusion on his own…many miles of it.

Dr. John Wise - Legendary Large Animal Vet in the Shenandoah Valley

He recommends fencing your cattle out of ponds and streams.

Father James Orthmann

Father James Orthmann of Holy Cross Abbey

Marjie and John Gibson

Marjie and John Gibson own Fort Story Farm on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River in Page County, Virginia

Mike Bazzle - Beef and Bull Producer in the Smith Creek Watershed

Article on Mike Bazzle of Smith Creek. He is showing his well water before he excluded his cattle from the streams on his farm.

Steve Sturgis

President of the Farm Bureau Federation on the Eastern Shore, Steve Sturgis implemented many BMPs.

Jeremy "Cotton" Eavers

This talented farrier recommends keeping your horses out of streams and other wet areas.

Delta Springs Farm - Three generations of the Horn family

The Horn family of Mount Solon, Virginia.  Three generations working on Delta Springs Farm.