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Cattle Destroy Streams

Cattle Destroy Streams and the Aquatic Ecosystem. Livestock that have access to streams and rivers pollute the water with their manure and urine.  But perhaps even worse, when they access a stream and "hang out" to cool off, their cloven hooves … [Read More...]

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Bobby’s Free ebook: Selling Riparian Forest Buffers

How do we accelerate the planting of riparian forest buffers? All the states in the Chespaeake Bay watershed are falling behind their targets for excluding livestock from streams and planting riparian forest buffers. I've spent a lifetime "getting more on the ground" and I want to share how we made it happen in the … [Download page...]

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"It's the only blog I read."

David Wise, Restoration Scientist
Stroud Water Research Center

“We put those CREP projects in years ago. This morning, I heard my very first quail calling in that area ... I really appreciate all your help with these projects.”

Louis Wood, Farmer, Augusta County, Va.