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Jeanne training a calf to nurse in the field.

Swoope Almanac – March 2015, Mickey Mouse, Spock and Val – our new Border Collie puppy

The sun’s energy has transformed our brown pastures into green carpets of food for our beef cattle. The surge of spring is upon us. Red Wing Blackbird males are singing their shoulders off, “Concareeee”.  Meadowlarks are singing, "Spring of the yearrrr".  Because of the vast grasslands in Swoope their populations are not declining here.  Elsewhere they are, along with other grassland species of birds. We have eighty-three calves on the ground; eight heifers to go and 19 cows. We live and work on a cattle farm in the famed Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Winter Storm Thor was pretty brutal. By the time it arrived on March … [Read More...]